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Entered Dec 15, 2014
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Greetings :

Well, both Saturday and Sunday worked out for some of us to ride, nice!

I see on Strava that a lot of you got out between the storm days. This week has already been plenty wet and looks to continue providing much needed rain until the sun returns just in time for the weekend.

Last Saturday was some road action for me and a bit cool I must say. I ended up doing a club ride with Monta Vista Velo (MVV) and way too much climbing! As with most cyclists, climbing is not my idea of cycling fun these days. In this case, the MVV hammers decided it would be a good idea to climb up the north side of Hicks Road and on up to the near summit of Mt Umunhum. It was very cool and moist near the top and we decided to stop at the "No Tresspassing" sign, which is not too far from the locked gate at the top.

Oh well, would have made the trip a bit more worthwhile but they decided to just go back down. It had been quite a while since I was last up there. I must say, the climb is a monster! (Strava)

Paul, Jim and four people obscured by downed treesSunday was actually a bit warmer over near the Santa Cruz coastline. A small group of dirtdogs did some of the usual stuff in Henry Cowell State Park, UCSC, and a touch of Wilder Ranch. The trail conditions were pretty good in terms of minimal mud but there sure was a lot of trees down and tons of debris every where. In spite of quite a few obstacles on almost every trail and a long segment of deep puddles and mud, the ride was great and all enjoyed. (Strava)

After the mud segment my rig quit downshifing in the rear and the drive train sounded like a steel box full of rocks. Oh well, at least the remainder of the ride was mostly down hill. :)

I'm not sure how many of my customers have found other means of maintaining their rigs but I suspect quite a few of you have bikes that (at least) need their drive trains inspected and/or serviced. Don't go through the wet season and into the spring and summer riding without at least a basic service and inspection. It's that time of year to make sure you have good tires, good brakes, and all bearings are good to go for the wet weather riding season.

My standard Service Course checks all bearings for smoothness, including R&R of the bottom bracket system to inspect for excessive wear and power transfer efficiency. Schedule a service pickup today and make sure everything is in good working order for the rest of the winter riding.

Speaking of maintenance, I haven't had many of you update your profile information on my site or register with the My Strava tool I hacked together last summer. It not only provides you with good information on your Strava activity and bikes, but also allows me to keep track of usage/miles between services. It greatly depends on you regularly using Strava but I think you'll find it handy in terms of keeping track of component wear and tear and just a good summary of your riding and service activity. You'll need to create an account on the site before you can use the My Strava tool or update your profile info. A lot more work to do on the whole experience but it'll at least allow me to keep better track of your maintenance needs and parts & acc needs. Login or create a profile here.

REMINDER: If you ever have any issues with your bike after I service it, please call/text/or email me ASAP. I'll find you and get it fixed as quickly as possible. Stuff happens. Part of the value of my service is that you don't have to return your bike or wheels to a shop. I will come to you, no-charge of course.

Oh, I've been listing a bunch of stuff on eBay lately. 10% off to any customer if you buy any listed item directly thru me (no eBay transaction). My Collection

I'm placing my usual supplier orders Wednesday afternoon. Please let me know if you need anything not currently available via Parts ExpressI have many items on-hand and I can deliver very quickly. I tend to carry tubes, tires, chains, cassettes, bar tape, bearings, brake pads, and other common consumable items in my vehicles. So that kind of stuff is always available extremely quickly. Just let me know what you need and I'll get it to you ASAP.

Wahoo!! Just a reminder that is also an authorized Wahoo Fitness dealer. Those of you looking for the latest in indoor trainer technology, the Wahoo KICKR is amazing.

Again, don't forget about my Spot Tune-up Service. This is a cheap and convenient way to keep your bike rolling smoothly and efficiently. I find you and dial-in brake and shift cables and take care of any minor issues that can be resolved onsite. Only $30 and extremely convenient.

PLEASE NOTE: customers enjoy competitive pricing from all my suppliers. The list prices are not necessarily what you'll pay. If you know that the price is higher than your local dealer or favorite online retailer, just shoot me the link or let me know. I will match any reputable price out there. I can usually get just about anything. If you need things quickly, just mention the specifics. I can get most things in my hands overnight, next-day, or two-day, it just costs more for shipping. And, yes, you will receive tracking info as soon as I receive it. 

Okay, shut-up and ride!
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Company News
Yep, I can now offer product from Cyclone Bicycle Supply out of Portland, OR.

Weekly Spotlight now a Easton Cycling Dealer!! I can now offer the complete line of Easton Cycling components, wheels, and accessories.

Latest Bike Build
Well, more of a rebuild and upgrade...

Latest Wheel Build
Damaged Specialized/Alex rim replaced with Velocity Blunt SL.

Stuff For Sale
Very clean and fast Langster track rig. Very lightly used and in excellent condition.
Snugg iPad 2 Squared Skinny Fit Protective Case Cover in Black.
A very strong and lite road or cyclocross wheel set. Not very well used and in great condition.

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