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Greetings :

Lake Ranch Reservoir, Sanborn-Skyline ParkWell, looks like we're going to get some more rain. Sucks that it'll come on Friday and/or Saturday but Sunday looks like it'll be a great day for a ride.

The shot here is actually right in our own backyard, it's called Lake Ranch Reservoir and it's part of Sanborn-Skyline Park. I suspect many of you have seen it, just not this full of water in recent years. 

The "newish" John Nicholas Trail starts nearby and is a way cool hiking and mountain bike trail that winds up to the various trails that run parallel to Skyline Blvd, definitely worth a visit via bike or foot. The interesting thing about this ride was that I was on my road bike. Yes, you can actually ride a road rig through this area. I think I did it the hard way but it is definitely doable from the north entrance of Sanborn Park or the south entrance on Black Road. I came up from the north on Sanborn Road and went by the north park entrance and went to the end of Sanborn Road. Probably not the easiest route but I hadn't done it a while and wanted to see what it was like. A better option might be to go into the park and get up to the lake that way, not sure. I'll scope that out soon. Anyway, it's a cool loop through to Black Road, which drops you down to Lexington Reservoir or you can go up to Skyline Blvd. The area would be an awesome off-road mecca but there currently isn't a bike legal loop that traverses the whole park. I'm told that is coming. (Strava)

Service Note: Again, always keep in mind that my service is intended to be quicker and more convienent than the alternatives out there. If you have an issue with a bike or wheel and you want it back very quickly, no problem. My standard services typically get your bike or wheels back within 48-hours, if not sooner. If you need something fixed quicker, it just costs more. For example, it's Friday and you need a bike or wheel back for a Saturday morning ride, that would most likely be same-day service so add $95 to the invoice. A good example of next-day service would be bending a rim or wearing out your brakes or tire on a Thursday ride and needing the same bike or wheel back for a Saturday ride. In this case, I'd pick up the bike Thursday and have it back ready to roll by EOD Friday so add $50 to the invoice. News: The online Parts Express store is coming along with new items added this week. Again, the goal is to list parts & accessories that I have on-hand and that can be delivered to you very quickly. As of today, I have all the tires, tubes, chains, chainrings, bottom brackets, and cassettes, brake pads/shoes and related parts that I have in stock uploaded. Should have pretty much everything up by the end of the month. I've been riding my latest bike build a lot lately. The Chbobber is fun to ride but it's no high-performance rig, for sure. Changed the bars, front tire, and added a little padding to the otherwise harsh saddle. 

I know most of you don't service your own bikes but hopefully you'll order tubes, tires, and other items from me. I'll deliver free or install on your bike when I service it. Those of you who do a fair amount of your own service work can browse and order items that I will deliver much more quickly than you could otherwise get from another online retailer. Of course, I don't have the selection that you'd find on other sites, but it does show what I have on-hand and available much faster and more convenient than the alternatives out there. The site currently allows you to order online and pay via PayPal instantly or via an invoice (pay me later).

I also know most of you order online or shop via LBS's for tubes, tires, etc. My hope is to make it easier and cheaper to get that sort of stuff from me. I can also ship to you via USPS. If you want things shipped, don't pay via PayPal and I'll invoice you upon shipment, local Priority Mail is ~$6.00. Prices shown are retail. When you create an account I'll update your discount level. All active customers get a minimum of 5% off prices shown, which will show up after you log in and add items to your shopping cart. Local delivery will be same-day or next day. I also try to carry tubes and other similar items in my vehicles.

The Parts Express store is kinda clunky right now but I if it gains traction I'll improve as necessary. Please give it a look and let me know what you think. Parts Express Some of you already have accounts on the site so just log in or request a password reset if you don't recall. Your user name is the email address you used to create the account. Doing so will also allow you to update your service profile and contact information.  

If you don't see what you want, browse my suppliers below and I'll order it:  
Cane Creek | | BTI/USA | Hawley USA | J&B Importers | Hawk Racing | iBike Sports
Velocity Wheels | Easton Cysing Products | Wahoo Fitness | SeaSucker
My eBay Collection. Buy any listed item directly through me (no eBay transaction) and save on shipping charges, I'll deliver to you free.

Wahoo KICKR's seem to be back in stock so lead-time is back to normal, about 7 days. I can't justify spending that much money on a trainer, but they are pretty awesome for those who have real jobs and can't get out to ride. You can go buy one locally or online but buying from me gets you a better price and much better support, of course. is also an authorized Wahoo Fitness dealer. Those of you looking for the latest in indoor trainer technology, the Wahoo KICKR is amazing. 

I'm placing my usual supplier orders Wednesday late afternoon. Please let me know if you need anything not currently available via Parts ExpressI have many items on-hand and I can deliver very quickly. I tend to carry tubes, tires, chains, cassettes, bar tape, bearings, brake pads, and other common consumable items in my vehicles. So that kind of stuff is always available fast. Just let me know what you need or order on my site and I'll get it to you ASAP.

REMINDER: If you ever have any issues with your bike after I service it, please call/text/or email me ASAP. I'll find you and get it fixed as quickly as possible. Stuff happens. Part of the value of my service is that you don't have to return your bike or wheels to a shop. I will come to you, no-charge of course.

Again, don't forget about my Spot Tune-up Service. This is a cheap and convenient way to keep your bike rolling smoothly and efficiently. I find you and dial-in brake and shift cables and take care of any minor issues that can be resolved onsite. Only $30 and extremely convenient.

PLEASE NOTE: customers enjoy competitive pricing from all my suppliers. The list prices shown on my site are not necessarily what you'll pay. If you know that the price is higher than your local dealer or favorite online retailer, just shoot me the link and/or let me know. I will match any reputable price out there. I can usually get just about anything. If you need things quickly, just mention the specifics. I can get most things in my hands overnight, next-day, or two-day, it just costs more for shipping. And, yes, you will receive tracking info as soon as I receive it. 

Okay, shut-up and ride!
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Company News
Yep, I can now offer product from Cyclone Bicycle Supply out of Portland, OR.

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Order one of these today for your 14-lb climbing rig. Looks cool and only adds about 2.5-lbs to your rig. :)

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Damaged Specialized/Alex rim replaced with Velocity Blunt SL.

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Very clean and fast Langster track rig. Very lightly used and in excellent condition.
Snugg iPad 2 Squared Skinny Fit Protective Case Cover in Black.
A very strong and lite road or cyclocross wheel set. Not very well used and in great condition.

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