Stewart Raceway III
Stewart Raceway III is a six-lane Brad Bowman track that, like Stewart Raceway II, converts to a non-symmetrical oval layout.

The track is a 66-foot circuit that also has an interchangeable section that can be converted to a bus-stop curve, a chicane, a squeeze-lane, a squiggly section, or simply a straight-away.

The track is also specifically designed and cut for various degrees of banking on each of the four corners of the oval layout. These corners are also unique in terms of radius and bank. The layout was designed to fit on a 16` x 6` table and is attached to a lift system that can raise and lower the table from floor to ceiling.

The track also employs dual timing sensor gantries that support fuel racing (pit stops). These gantries are convertible in terms of spacing. The pit stop spacing can be configured between 10-inches, 12-inches, or 22-inches, which increases or decreases the difficulty of entering the pits.

The track can also support three different race management systems: SlotTrak, Race Coordinator, or Trackmate all of which share power control and timing sensor hardware. Dual timing system controllers are employed to support different race management systems. Race Coordinator utilizes an Arduino Mega card while Trackmate and SlotTrak utilize a USB-based Trackmate SLC3 card.

Stewart Raceway III is expected to be open and ready for racing by the end of 2020. 

Stay tuned for more pictures and updates on construction progress.
Stewart Raceway III ready to rail.