The 8th Running of the Winter Solstice Cycling Challenge

The 8th Annual Winter Solstice Cycling Challenge is in the books. A beautiful day and a very fast group made for another spectacular event. Thanks to all who participated!  Official points results and finisher list here.

Registration is closed. Please do not show up if you are not on the roster Friday, December 20th.

Okay, the date is set! We're on for  December 21st. The weather is looking pretty good right now at sunny and 63 for the high and 42 for the start. Could be the best weather yet. We'll see how that holds.

We're still short a couple of vehicles for support. Not a huge issue since we can self-sag the whole thing and rely on friends and family for those situations where riders are dropped or have mechanical issues.  If you know anybody that would like to help with support, please get them to register so we can get them in the loop and prepared.

Please Note: While this is a no-drop ride, please remember that you need be in fairly good shape in spite of this taking place in December. It's a big field, which provides nice drafting benefits, but the ride is 112-miles with an overall average speed of approximately 19-mph--not a social ride pace. We'll do our best to keep the pace sustainable for all riders, but you need to be prepared for a brisk pace between points segments. There are always regroups after each points segment, so keep pedaling hard if you lose contact.

Those of you who think hammering away at the end of the ride because you're socially challenged or have no points, please stay home. This year we're going to stay together and collectively decide on the pace between points segments. It's December! Being super strong in December is kinda weird...unless, of course, you're doing the Tour Down Under or the Tour of Qatar following the WSCC. This is a Fun Ride, not a race!!

Don't worry, you'll have plenty of opportunities to strut your "off-season" form, just remember to back off and regroup once you get past the orange cone!

Thanks for participating past or present!


December 21, 2013


8:00 Roll-off


Christmas Hill Park in Gilroy

Keep in mind--in spite of the competitive stuff, this is a NO-DROP ride. That means it stays together as a group the entire ride. Things do get a bit crazy when the points opportunities come up. But we STAY TOGETHER up to--and immediately after--the points are collected.

Bring your cold-weather kit but be prepared to shed some during the day. Starts at Christmas Hill Park in Gilroy at ~8:00 AM and goes out to the Pinnacles National Monument Park and back. Approximately 112-miles at tempo paceline with Sprint, KOM points, and the famous Longest Pull Jersey.

This is a No-Drop ride but be prepared for some fast pacelining. The idea is that the entire group stays together at a relatively fast pace up to and immediately after all sprint or KOM points segments. This means that the peloton MUST be together prior to all sprints and KOM segments and MUST regroup immediately after the points are taken. If a rider attacks or goes off the front before or after the designated points segments, then that (wanker) rider is disqualified from the points competition and will get no lactate inhibitors or quarter at the halfway stop or finish!

Competition Format & Route Info


Still sorting it out. We'll have plenty of hydration, Clif bars/Gels, snacks and sodas, etc., at the halfway turn-around, and hot chili at the finish. Oh, and yep, we'll have a cool awards ceremony complete with champagne, etc.

Registered Riders

Jeff Andruss Rider
Kris Resellmo Kris Rider
Sylvie Maxwell Rider
Greg Bollella Rider
Ken Downey K2 Rider
Jane Despas Rider
Jeanette Haggas Rider
Daryl Spano Rider
Holger Steinbach Rider
John Wilde Rider
Rick Sinclair Rider
Frank Kratzer Rider
Jamie M Axt Rider
Shin Umeda Also Velo Rider
Dave Rossow Alto Velo Rider
Allen Brumm Alto Velo Allen Rider
Brian W. Chun Alto Velo Brian Rider
Peter Tapscott Alto Velo Peter Rider
Keith Morris Alto Velo Keith Rider
William Ho Alto Velo Rider
ben albracht art's cyclery Rider
Brandon West Belgian Beer Drinkers Collective Rider
Ashley Levien Belgian Beer Drinkers Collective Support
Stefano Profumo Bike Trip Rider
Raffi Jilizian CA Technologies Racing Rider
Tom Rice CoreTechs Cycling Tommy Bahama Rider
Kevin Fox CoreTechs Cycling The Energizer Rider
Gwen Fox CoreTechs Cycling Support
alan takahashi CoreTechs Cycling Rider
Devon Joos CoreTechs Cycling Rider
Jerome Nadel CoreTechs Cycling Geronimo Rider
Richard del Valle CoreTechs Cycling Rider
Christian Parker CoreTechs Cycling Support
David Puglia CoreTechs Cycling Super Rider
Andrew Adelman CoreTechs Cycling Rider
Steve Stewart CoreTechs Cycling Hammerschlagen Support
Thomas Preisler LGBRC Rider
Lucia Mokres LGBRC Motor Rider
Craig Peters LGBRC Rider
Aaron Hanna LGBRC Rider
Shahram Moatazedi LGBRC Rider
david brown Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club Rider
Jennifer Kalich Los Gatos Women's Elite Team Jen Rider
Annie Fulton Metromint Rider
Rikke Preisler Metromint cycling Animal Rider
James M Bonnet Monterey Bay Racing Team Jim Rider
Don Smith Monterey Bay Racing Team Rider
Chris Cain Monterey Bay Racing Team Rider
Jamie Haaland Monterey Bay Racing Team Support
Don Chapin Monterey Bay Racing Team D3 Rider
Leslie Oglesby Monterey Bay Racing Team Les Rider
Chris White Monterey Bay Racing Team Rider
Bob Dressler MVV Chicago Bob Rider
Rob Maheu Pearl Izumi Factory Team Robby Racer Rider
Kenneth Jorgensen Peninsula Velo Rider
Michael Schaller Rock Lobster Skubaboy Rider
Perry Wong SJBC P-Dub Rider
Tom Kearsley SJBC Rider
kley cardona SJBC Rider
Peter Cathcart SJBC Rider
Paul Young SJBC Rider
Jim Perreira SJBC Rider
Alexander Komlik SJBC akomlik Rider
Alan Weatherall SJBC Alan Rider
Dave Dooley SJBC Double-D Rider
Jason Fritz SJBC Rider
Mike Scaglione SJBC Rider
Todd Munk SJBC Gopher Rider
Norbert Kappel SJBC Rider
Chris Courtney SJBC Rider
Don Langley Specialized Langster Rider
Denny Sahovic Squadra SF iClimb Rider
Mateo Ortega Squadra SF Rider
Christopher wells Rippey Team Roaring Mouse Albino gorilla Rider
Jeromy Cottell Team Specialized Rider
Kevin Comerford VSRT/DS Electric Rider
Paul DeSmet Yetiman's Excellent Adventours Yetiman Support

Total: 78

Google Groups

Please join the Google group so we're all on the same page and only spamming those interested in the ride.


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The Winter Solstice Cycling Challenge