WSCC 2013 Official Points Results

2013 WSCC Official Points Results

Well, the data has been analyzed, cannibalized, and somewhat rationalized. The 2013 event was the fastest on record in both terms of ride time and total elapsed time--wow!

First off, a huge "Hats off" to the whole bunch of riders who started this ride. It's not an easy one, and it's not for everyone. That said, while your name is not in the points results, the fact that you participated says a lot about you.

And. let's not forget about the support team. We had a great team of support people this year. Not as many as in previous years, but no less stellar and helpful to all. It doesn't happen without these folks, so when you see them out on the road or next WSCC, please give them a heart-felt thanks. They were outstanding!

The Support Team

  1. Gwen Fox (CoreTechs Cycling)
  2. Samantha Fox (EMT)
  3. Paul "Yetiman" DeSmet (Yetiman's Excellent Adventours)
  4. Ashley Levien (Belgian Beer Drinkers Collective)
  5. Christian Parker (CoreTechs Cycling)
  6. Jamie Haaland (Monterey Bay Racing Team)

Women Overall

  1. Lucia Mokres (LGBRC)
  2. Jane Despas
  3. Jamie Axt

Men Overall

  1. Chris Courtney (SJBC)
  2. Chris Cain  (MBRT)
  3. Rob Maheu (Pearl Izumi Factory Team) (55+ Overall Winner!)
  4. Todd Munk  (SJBC)
  5. Holger Steinbach

Women KOM

  1. Jane Despas

Women Sprint

  1. Jamie Axt


  1. Chris Cain (MBRT)

Men Sprint

  1. Rob Maheu  (SJBC)

The Longest Pull Jersey

  1. Devon Joos (CoreTechs Cycling) / Don Langley (Team Specialized)

The Peloton

  1.  Andrew Adelman    (CoreTechs Cycling)
  2. Jamie M Axt     
  3. Greg Bollella       
  4. James M Bonnet     (Monterey Bay Racing Team)
  5. Allen Brumm     (Alto Velo)
  6. Chris Cain     (Monterey Bay Racing Team
  7. Brian W. Chun    (Alto Velo)
  8. Jeromy Cottell    (Team Specialized)
  9. Chris Courtney     (SJBC)
  10. Richard del Valle     (CoreTechs Cycling)
  11. Jane Despas   
  12. Dave Dooley     (SJBC)
  13. Kevin Fox     (CoreTechs Cycling)
  14. Jason Fritz     (SJBC)
  15. Aaron Hanna     (LGBRC)
  16. Devon Joos     (CoreTechs Cycling)
  17. Kenneth Jorgensen     (Peninsula Velo)
  18. Norbert Kappel     (SJBC)
  19. Tom Kearsley     (SJBC)
  20. Alexander Komlik    (SJBC)
  21. Don Langley   (Specialized)
  22. Rob Maheu     (Pearl Izumi Factory Team)
  23. Lucia Mokres     (LGBRC)
  24. Keith Morris   (Alto Velo)
  25. Todd Munk     (SJBC)
  26. Jerome Nadel     (CoreTechs Cycling)
  27. Leslie Oglesby    (Monterey Bay Racing Team)
  28. Jim Perreira    (SJBC)
  29. Thomas Preisler    (LGBRC)
  30. David Puglia    (CoreTechs Cycling)
  31. Tom Rice     (CoreTechs Cycling)
  32. Christopher wells Rippey  (Team Roaring Mouse)
  33. Dave Rossow    (Alto Velo)
  34. Denny Sahovic    (Squadra SF)
  35. Mike Scaglione    (SJBC)
  36. Michael Schaller   (Rock Lobster)
  37. Rick Sinclair   
  38. Daryl Spano       
  39. Holger Steinbach       
  40. alan takahashi     (CoreTechs Cycling)
  41. Peter Tapscott     (Alto Velo)
  42. Shin Umeda    (Alto Velo)
  43. Brandon West   (Belgian Beer Drinkers Collective)
  44. John Wilde   
  45. Perry Wong    (SJBC)
  46. Paul Taylor  (Metromint)

NOTE: If you're name isn't listed, you did not check-in at the start. And, therefore, you're an "undocumented" rider.